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Pride of the Liguria region.

Basil, the most popular plant of our country.

Our territory, so fragile, often a victim of human neglect, with abandoned countryside, it will be the protagonist of an innovative technique of excellence: the hydroponic cultivation of Basil.

And precisely to preserve the territory, we have chosen to use an innovative technique such as ” out of the soil “: an innovative hydroponic cultivation technique.

Technology, optimization and quality.

Out-of-soil: innovation in agriculture.

Out-of-soil cultivation offers the possibility of detaching from agricultural land and managing water resources in an optimal way, to obtain a quality, essentially in terms of cleanliness, health and wholesomeness of the product, much higher than that of cultivation in the open soil: providing more favourable conditions of growth.

Basil plants do not require any treatment with agro-pharmaceuticals, the water resources used and its nutrients, optimally managed for the water cycle, give health and healthiness to the product compared to traditional crops in the open land.
These good practices are internationally recognized in the environmental field.

A faraway dream.

Destiny is what must be, what is written in the stars, your ineluctable fate

“There’s no way to avoid fate, no matter all the efforts you make and what you do…”
That’s what I thought when I chose the land to start this project.

Fuinetto“, my wife’s paternal grandfather, was born in Carro but moved to Castiglione Chiavarese in the 1930s, where he worked as a muleteer and merchant of agricultural products for retail sale in his own shop, which he runs in a local parish church next to the village, later the rectory.
It is from this ineluctable reference to the roots that the project La Canonica in Castiglione Chiavarese starts.

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step by step, our dream come true.